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Cross-Over Of Personal And Work Passwords Continues To Put All Employers At Risk

Too many continue to reuse personal passwords for work accounts. We examine the risk.

Shipping Notification Scams Are On The Rise: What Are The Red Flags?

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the increase in deliveries to trick you into downloading malware or sharing information. We examine.

Employee Training Is Important For Cybersecurity, But Other Safeguards Are Needed, Too

It is not enough to train employees on preventing cyberattacks. Read why technology, such as Network Traffic Analytics, is necessary.

Data Breach Notification Plans Are Necessary For Reacting To A Breach

Organizations need a data breach notification plan in place, and the capacity to carry it out. We examine.

Fiduciary duties of good faith and loyalty have not been suspended during the pandemic. Learn about the duties and how to reduce the risks.
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Leslie Zieren
An employer asks Leslie Zieren, Esq. if it is okay to pay an employee who, while not working, injured himself at home.
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Employers should balance fraud prevention measures with workers' compensation retaliation prevention. We examine.
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