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Synthetic Identities And Ghost Employees

The recent sentencing of a cybercriminal gang in the U.S. highlights growing types of cyber fraud. Learn about the risks.

Facial Recognition Faces Challenges Even Though Passwords Still Present Security Risks

Facial recognition logins on government sites are put on hold for now. Read why passwords continue to remain the default.

Why Training May Be The Best Way To Protect Your Data

The greatest cyber risks come from the fewest number of employees. Learn why training is important for preventing cyberattacks.

Shadow IT And Cloud Services Present Difficult Challenges For Employers

While cloud services can be the answer to an organization's IT security issues, uneducated customers can find themselves vulnerable to data disclosure.

Changes to Chicago's Human Rights Ordinance are effective July 1, 2022. Here's what employers need to know:
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Bad coworkers are one of the drivers of the Great Resignation. Are employees really quitting over a few bad apples? You make the call.
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Leslie Zieren
Leslie Zieren, Esq. discusses how commenting on FMLA leave can result in a lawsuit.
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