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Are You Practicing Webcam Security?

Hackers can access a webcam and it could simply be on without your knowing. Read tips for staying safe around devices with cameras.

Why Your Organization Needs A Security Breach Notification Plan

All states have laws requiring organizations to notify individuals whose personal data is hacked. Learn more about why.

Vaccines And Ransomware: How "Vaccine Nationalism" Is Highlighting Cybersecurity Concerns

Every year, ransomware attacks increase in number and become more sophisticated. Read about the risk.

Why Is Fileless Malware Surging?

Fileless malware uses trusted tools, allowing it to hide from antivirus software. Learn more about fileless malware.

Nearly one-third of employees say they became depressed during the pandemic. Did your employees? You make the call and join the conversation.
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Jack McCalmon
An employer asks Jack McCalmon, Esq. about dictating where an employee works.
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An Alabama man is kidnapped at his home and released after wiring $250,000 to the perpetrators. Read about the risk and how to avoid becoming a victim.
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