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Ask Jack: Home Office Data Security First Steps

Jack McCalmon offers some data security steps for home offices.?

Ask Jack: Should We Allow Employees To Play Games On Their Laptops?

An employer wants to keep employees happy. One idea is to allow employees to game during work breaks. Jack examines the cyber risks.

Ask Jack: If There Is No Evidence Of Data Being Stolen, Can I Still Be Held Responsible?

Jack McCalmon talks about the importance of not just post-breach exposures, but pre-breach exposures as well.

Ask Jack: What Prevention Steps Are Missing Regarding Cybersecurity?

Most cyber breaches are due to human error. Jack McCalmon explains why training and an "all of the above" strategy is the right move for cybersecurity.

In a recent poll by, a majority of workers responded that they would quit their jobs if forced to return to working regular hours every day. Would your employees? You make the call.
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A judge ruled that even though Home Depot may have had an imprudent process for choosing investments, the plaintiffs were unable to demonstrate an actual material loss as a result.
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The McCalmon Group discusses an employee who murdered a customer and focuses on the big risks associated with negligent retention.
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