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Ask Leslie: Can I Reject An Applicant With Facial Tattoos?

By Leslie Zieren, The McCalmon Group, Inc.

We are short-handed, but have found a well-qualified applicant. The trouble is that she has facial tattoos that cannot be covered up – a skull near her left eye, and a stegosaurus head on her right cheek. Her job is public-facing, and our appearance policy requires public-facing employees cover visible tattoos.


With the right products and make-up techniques, tattoos can be successfully covered up. Present the applicant with your appearance policy. Ask her if she knows how to, and is willing, to keep her facial tattoos covered up at all times during work. If she indicates "yes," have her come back in for another interview with the tattoos covered so you can evaluate the situation.

If the skull/dinosaur head are still visible and violative of your appearance policy, you may reject this applicant.


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